An Australia Day Picnic

After reading a sailing novel as a child, I was always enchanted by the story of a man taking his girlfriend on a picnic sail on his Dragon. I don’t have a Dragon, but a much loved Corsair Sailing dinghy called Toccata (permanently rigged on the slip in my backyard), which means I’ve never really moved on from my childhood. Now was the time to picnic.

tartFor a bit of fun, Lucas and I sailed it around from home to Redcliffe Beach with an esky full of ice, food and champagne, and had a light lunch on Australia Day 2015. The menu was simple, but incredibly delicious.

By the way, the flag is torn in half because it is the one I flew when I was in the 2010 Solo Trans-Tasman Yacht Race. It didn’t stand up well to 60 knots.

The Smoked Trout and Fennel Tart is from the Agrarian Kitchen’s cookbook and is an absolutely delicious addition to any picnic. Lucas and I did the Agrarian Experience at the Agrarian Kitchen in 2014, and highly recommend it. I’m sure there’ll be a post on this in the future.

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