Overnight Oats

The key to this is the simplicity and reliability.We work hard through the week, and sail hard on the weekends. This process means an handy and efficient, low cal, filling breakfast every day, whether I am stuck in the car for hours, Lucas is on-air, or we are at dawn on an offshore yacht race.

The key is good jars. We have 12 glass jars with plastic lids. I make them up on Sunday night and we have enough for all week. They are low cal, and super filling. There are thousands of recipes on line; this is my favourite to date, but its the process that is the winner.

Ingredients (makes about 8 jars):

  • 2 cups of quick cook oats
  • 2 cups of low fat milk
  • 2 cups of low fat yoghurt (greek, vanilla, or whatever you would like)
  • A solid shake of chia seeds (the more you add the thicker it will be)
  • Mixed berries
  • Honey


Combine oats, milk, yoghurt and chia seeds, mix then add to jars. Put in the berries and a teaspoon of honey on each. Seal with the lid and pop in the fridge; they are ready to eat the next day, and are fine for a week. Just unscrew and eat!


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