The Apriori Racing Story….

After trucking up and down the Queensland coast, and frolicking off to Lord Howe Island in my old Defiance, I (Trev) wanted to go faster.

Apriori, (Nee Farr Horizons) was a clapped out Farr 11.6 I paid a fortune for before the GFC when boats were really expensive.

I had two investment properties at the time, so I relinquished the lease on my flat, and packed up my aging Daihatsu Charade, filled with an inflatable dinghy, an outboard, flares, liferaft and my work suits, shirts and ties, and drove to Sydney to sail her home, single handed.

I judge my racing performance against one of my best friends and racing rival, Jen Tooth (nee Fitzgibbon) on the formidable Soothsayer. I have raced against her in WAGS, in club racing, in Brisbane to Gladstones, and the Solo Trans Tasman. Like me, when she bought her yacht she was financially stretched and lived aboard to make ends meet. And fulfilled all of her dreams.

Apriori has been retrofitted from a charter yacht to a double handed racing yacht. The details of which you can read here.

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