Champagne Salmon in 10 minutes

My mother loved food, but dying young, she never got to retire. She was the master of the magnificent weeknight meal, and this is my favourite. The champagne means it is probably best for a Friday night. I am happy to put a splash in the meal and then drink the rest. I am my mothers son.

With just three ingredients, plus a splash of champagne, you can amaze your family or mesmerise your guests on board. I’ve never tried it on a metho stove, but I am guessing it would lack the heat.

It is a Friday night favourite for Lucas and I, after we have battled the traffic to get to the marina where Apriori currently lives.

I have coupled it with wasabi spiked sweet potato. If I was at home I would add some add some steamed snow peas, but aboard this will do just fine. Roasted sweet potato chips are low GI and a nice spin on Fish and Chips. The photos are of a dinner I did for us and two of our yachting friends after a race aboard Apes.


  • Fillet of Salmon for each person, skin on or off, as your preference
  • Handful of fresh dill
  • Teaspoon of capers, whole, per fillet
  • A good glug of champagne, to go a third of the way up the side of the fillets while cooking
  • A little olive oil


Heat a frypan to hot. Add the oil. If using skin on salmon, put it in skin side down. Cook for about three minutes, then reduce the heat to medium, flip the salmon, and pour in the champagne till it is about a third of the way up the salmon, and throw in the dill and capers. The champagne will boil and poach/steam the salmon. Cook for another two minutes (or to taste) and then serve, piling the dill and capers on top.

champagne salmon and sweet potato


  • Enough potato for how many you want to feed, say 1 potato per 2 people.
  • A small amount of milk, cream or butter – I keep UHT milk in the small, “six pack” containers on the yacht. One of these is fine for four people.
  • A squeeze from a tube of wasabi.


Boil the potatoes until tender, say 10 minutes. Mash with the UHT milk if you are on the yacht, or add cream, milk or butter if you are on shore. Then squeeze in some wasabi paste. A teaspoon if you aren’t into hot, a tablespoon if you are. Mash well and serve immediately.


When I first bought Apes in Sydney I sailed her home solo to Brisbane. My father and uncles were so excited to see her, they drove down to Coffs Harbour to meet me. I cooked this meal for them in my modest new galley. They were very impressed!Finished champagne salmon

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