This is a site by Trev and Lucas, who own Apriori.

The site includes information about racing and sailing, and all things that come along with owning a yacht – cruising, maintenance, entertaining, cooking, problems, troubleshooting and more. If there’s anything else you want us to include, just get in touch with us.

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We both love cooking, and we both believe that just because you are on a boat doesn’t mean you need to eat poor-quality meals. There is a rule aboard Apes, and that is we do not do spaghetti bolognese. Not because we don’t like it, but because everyone else does it on their boat.

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Each of the recipes will fall into one or more of five, broad, categories:

  • Inshore racing: Generally handheld food or “Railmeat” food (defined as passed along the rail to the crew, served hot or cold depending on the conditions).
  • Offshore racing: Frozen meals (either cryovacced or in foil tins to go in oven). Meals are cooked ashore and taken onto the boat packed.
  • Inshore cruising: Assumes that you have the ability to access fresh produce and are cooking aboard.
  • Offshore cruising: assumes cooking aboard when the weather is reasonable
  • Pushing the boat out: Just showing off to those who think you need a big kitchen to cook amazing food.