I started in a powerboat at three, but sailing for me began when my parents moved to the waterfront home that Lucas and I  now own, when I was nine. Mum and Dad bought me an $80 Sabot sailing dinghy, but I was too timid to go out alone.  Dad was unrelenting, and amidst a lot of tears and screaming, threw me in the Sabot and pushed me out alone. It took 30 seconds for me to realise I loved this short handed thing, and the next thing I remember is my mother screaming at me from the back door to come in for dinner (eight hours later).

In 2010 I won handicap and first mono in the Solo Tranz Tasman race (1400 miles and nine days from New Zealand to Australia). I collected a Corsair National championship at 16, and have done a lot of cruising. But when I met Lucas I experienced how much fun double handed racing is. Fundamentally I am a child of the system, completing (what was then known as) AYF learn to sail through to Sailing Master, Coach, Powerboat Examiner and Inshore Skipper Instructor. All of my training was formal.

Now I just sail with Lucas.

People often say to me it must be hard sailing (and racing) with your partner. I respond by saying how lucky I am to see how truly capable and talented my partner is. Most people don’t get that opportunity.