Cocktail Hour #2

Sea Breeze. Regardless of the fact this cocktail has a nautical name, it is a refreshing long drink to have in warm weather. According to Wikipedia, this cocktail has taken on various forms since its beginnings in the 1920s, but is known today as consisting of vodka, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. Continue reading “Cocktail Hour #2”

Cocktail hour #1

On a hot summers day, what’s better than a refreshing cocktail? There’ll be a few recipes on the site from time to time – just search for cocktail and you’ll be sure to find them.

This one doesn’t seem to have a name, but regardless, it is delicious. Rum and tonic. Preferably spiced rum such as Sailor Jerry’s. And to finish it off, a squeeze of lime. Continue reading “Cocktail hour #1”

Rail meat Quiches

The more I write these recipes, the more I see in common with our busy shore-based lives and what we eat on the yacht. As Lucas is either at concerts or on-air, and half my working hours are spent driving, there are a few things that direct the way we organise food Continue reading “Rail meat Quiches”