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B2G16 by Jules VidPicPro.com-3122Apriori is a Farr 11.6 and was built in 1986, and purchased by Trev in 2006. The current name, ‘Apriori,’ means “Cause and effect; devoid of emotional reasoning,” like Trev’s approach to sailing.

She has raced heavily all her life, and has also done substantial cruising under the present ownership.

Trev bought “Api” with a short term goal of completing the Solo Trans Tasman yacht race but with a long term view to go full time cruising. “The Apiator” (one of many nicknames) has been used for inshore and offshore short-handed and fully-crewed racing and cruising, as well as the venue for many dinner parties, and lazy days and snorkelling at anchor on Moreton Bay and abroad. A favourite destination is Lord Howe Island, in the Tasman Sea.

Apriori has a full sail wardrobe for both racing and cruising, and features on the boat include carbon-fibre wheel, bowsprit and spinnaker pole, anchor winch, hot water and more.

Galley-wise, Api is fitted with a gimbaled, three burner stove, grill and oven from Smev, a Magma gas barbeque and an Isotherm 12 volt fridge.

And for those who like the detail:

In 1978 a wealthy Auckland businessmen walked into Bruce Farr’s design office and told him to throw out the rulebook and design a fast, sea-kindly cruising yacht. At the time, design was being driven by the IOR, which was producing distorted lead mines; crew unfriendly rigs, and proved to be piggy down wind. The Farr 11.6 was born, designed to have the size of a 3/4 tonner and the speed of a 2 tonner. We have proven that you can hit 20 knots two up under spinnaker, and I have been out on her on my own in 60 knots (twice) and can attest to her sea keeping ability.

Apriori has two lives. One as a PHRF racer/cruiser, and then as an IRC racer. The interchange is fairly straight forward. For PHRF we have mast head kites and code sails supported by jumpers, and a six foot carbon bowsprit. And deck chairs and BBQ. For IRC, we remove the jumpers and run hounds kites and a frozo, and put on an 18 inch bowsprit. And replace the deck chairs with beanbags.

The fundamental breaks from the original design is an extra 500kg of lead on the keel via cheek plates, additional floors in the hull to support same, and a sugar scoop on the transom. The latter is fantastic for increasing load carrying capacity and is a great place for cocktail hour, or alighting the dinghy.




Toccata at Lake CootharabaToccata 828 is a Corsair 16ft dinghy, built in 1983, commissioned by Jane Virtue, the principal of Coochie Mudlo Sailing School, as her personal racing dinghy. Trev worked for Jane from age 13-21, teaching people to sail on Toccata, and when Jane decided (in her 70’s) she would prefer to stick to yachts, she sold it to Trev.

Toccata was affectionately known as the “Toe cutter”, inspired by her original owners no-nonsense approach to sail training, business, and calling the BS that women have to endure in yachting. Trev aims to continue the sentiment.

Trev had numerous Corsairs in childhood, including Saracen 649, which he won a National Championship in 1991/92, aged 16.

Toccata collected many trophies under Jane’s ownership, but now is used predominantly for picnicking or sailing to the waterfront growers markets to do the weekly grocery shop. She came out of retirement in 2018 to win her division in the QCYC Gaff and Vintage regatta.